Am I beautiful? I’ve been showing you what I’m really made of. Tell me it’s beautiful. Tell me you approve. Tell me I’m everything you’ve wanted but never had. Tell me I can love you, because I will love you if you let me. I’ll love you with all of me. Every piece of me, every single cell in this body loves every single piece of you. And if you tell me it’s alright, you won’t regret a single day in our beautiful life. If you decide to leave or change your mind, at least you’ll have everything I’m made of. I’ll just be a shell of something to somebody else.



if u dont think moaning is the hottest shit u can get right outta town




If a nigga fuck my girl I’m shake his hand. Thank you for letting me know I picked a ain’t shit ass bitch. 

I’ll love you, if you let me.